We Keep Businesses in Business and Workers Working

ActSix provides Management Consulting and Human Resources services to:

  • Faith-Based Non-Profit Organizations
  • Christian Business Owners
  • Churches

Our Process


ActSix begins all management and HR programs by identifying leadership's core values. We then observe your organization's current practices to assess how your values are being expressed in day-to-day operations.


We analyze your team members to see who is "engaged, disengaged, and actively-disengaged" through employee assessments.
To streamline your operation, we recommend that actively disengaged employees be let go.


ActSix revitalizes your organization with improved management and HR systems. We design culture change initiatives to improve organizational health;
the importance of this to your success cannot be overstated.


After strengthening the foundations of your organization, we work to maximize your organizationís potential by creating a leadership succession plan. ActSix will help you to identify and develop your successor, safeguarding your legacy.

  • Management Services

    Led by MBAs
    • Strategic Planning (all phases)
    • Senior Management Coaching
    • Budgeting
    • Financial Ratio Analysis
    • Bankruptcy Reorganization with Counsel
    • Full Reorganization Services
    • Advisory Board Services
    • CFO/CEO Services
    • Management Accounting with CPAs
    • Financial Statement Analysis & Redesign
  • Human Resources Services

    Led by SPHRs
    • Employee Manuals, Policies, Procedures
    • Training & Development
    • Culture & Change Management
    • Payroll Outsourcing with QuickBooks Integration
    • Complete HRIS Integration
    • Unemployment Claims Management
    • Recruitment & Outplacement
    • Performance & Compensation Management
    • Government Compliance & AA Programs
    • Succession Planning
    • Background Checks including volunteers
    • Safety and Loss Control

Great management consultants must have people who implement their plans and understand HR in order to optimize results.

Great HR consultants must understand business in order to reach the full potential of an organization's HR initiatives.

ActSix specializes in both disciplines—management and human resources.

We provide custom deliverables based upon the existing culture, resources, and skillset of our client.
We recruit, train, delegate, and serve.
We work with you, not just talk to you.